This is my very first BLOG attempt! Please be patient with me until I get the hang of this :) I change my mind a lot. I don't like spell check - and I am not a fan of proper capitalization - I rarely capitalize the word I when talking about myself, and to me "..." can mean a comma, hyphen, semi-colon, period, or any other form of punctuation. Also, i type smileys a lot :) they can also be punctuation :)

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I am a newlywed, I am addicted to clutter, and coconut ice-cream. I love to travel with Kurt, who is my new husband that I call "Hubberz" and so far we have been to Paris, Sicily, Italy, Malta, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and way too many places in the U.S. to name. Hubberz and I met in Salt Lake City, UT. He proposed to me in Paris - and he is obsessed with "themed" everything. i.e. in order to eat spaghetti at home, we must listen to Italian music, and watch a Mob movie... and so on with absolutely EVERYTHING. We have an almost 2 year old Border Collie named "Jinx" she is the namesake for my blog. To be "Jinxed" is a wonderful thing in our house - this means to receive a big fat 6 inch tongue licking wildly across your face, or hands – and to really be “Jinxed” is when the tongue lands right in your mouth…. Eeeewww!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Day one - about me.

Today is the very first day I have EVER posted or attempted a blog ((clapping, laughter, wooo-hooo's)) I have been inspired by reading the daily trials of dooce (who consequently, does not know i exist).
I am 29, (i will be thirty in exactly one month and three days). I got married to my best friend exactly one month and eight days ago, and I am the proud mommie of a Black and White Border Collie named "Jinx" who has one blue eye and one brown eye - and more energy than you can cram into a case of Red Bull.
I grew up in the Northwest which I miss terribly, although I have been in Southern California for the past three years.. and yes, I moved for *gasp* a BOY (but that all worked out, because he is the one who I am now *gasp* married to. (It is very strange to have a husband!)
We live in Agoura Hills - which might as well be named "Pleasantville", I drive a white SUV, and am a marketing manager for a sunglass company.
I need some excitement! Which I think is why I am committed to the new challenge of writing in a blog. I am approaching 30.. THIRTY!!! and I am not sure what's next for me - so many changes lately.. this is my life.


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