This is my very first BLOG attempt! Please be patient with me until I get the hang of this :) I change my mind a lot. I don't like spell check - and I am not a fan of proper capitalization - I rarely capitalize the word I when talking about myself, and to me "..." can mean a comma, hyphen, semi-colon, period, or any other form of punctuation. Also, i type smileys a lot :) they can also be punctuation :)

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I am a newlywed, I am addicted to clutter, and coconut ice-cream. I love to travel with Kurt, who is my new husband that I call "Hubberz" and so far we have been to Paris, Sicily, Italy, Malta, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and way too many places in the U.S. to name. Hubberz and I met in Salt Lake City, UT. He proposed to me in Paris - and he is obsessed with "themed" everything. i.e. in order to eat spaghetti at home, we must listen to Italian music, and watch a Mob movie... and so on with absolutely EVERYTHING. We have an almost 2 year old Border Collie named "Jinx" she is the namesake for my blog. To be "Jinxed" is a wonderful thing in our house - this means to receive a big fat 6 inch tongue licking wildly across your face, or hands – and to really be “Jinxed” is when the tongue lands right in your mouth…. Eeeewww!

Friday, November 19, 2004


I figured I would post a picture of Jinx - and share the sea of nicknames we have created for her.Sometimes we call her "Jinx" (her real name) that is if we are feeling plain. Then when we feel like we need to kick it up a notch, we call her

* Jinxie
* Stinkle
* Inkle
* Tinker
* Mischief
* Miss
* Jinxers
* Winkle
* Pinkle
* Pinkie
* Pinkerton
* Tink
* Wink
* Professor Doggington
* Minx
* Minxie

Now you know a little bit about out the black and white nightmare - which we more fondly refer to as our Dog-ter!

This is when she was a puppy - and was a naughty naughty dirty little puppy.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Stopping by for drinks :)

Tonight was an official "no-theme night". Hubberz' boss is in town from New York. He has been in meetings all day at the office in Camarillo. The plan WAS for him to meet with all of the extremely important people, and then go drink and dine with them at some swanky place in Santa Monica.
Cut to - Run with Jinx (of course I brought my celly, who doesn't???)
ring ring ring
me: hello
hubberz: hi q (his nickname for me)
me: what's up - where are you?
hubberz: we are visiting a few accounts and are going to stop by the house for a drink before we go to dinner.
thoughts going through my mind at a million miles a minute: oh my god.. is the house clean? do we have chilled beer and wine? did I clean up the huge "have to write the thank you note pile" on the dining room table? are the dishes done? will jinx behave?
me: um ok, that's cool - we will head straight home and get the house ready.
hubberz: why - where are you?
me: on a run with the dog... i haven't showered today
hubberz: ok, then we will just go straight to dinner, i will stop by the house and pick up my car, no worries.
me: no, no, no, come.. i want to see everyone - it will be ready, i promise.
hubberz: ok, great, we will see you in 15-20 minutes
me: ok, sounds good, love you
hubberz: love you too
bye... bye...

holy-shit.. i have to get home - we are about a mile away... we start running home.. .damn, i hope the neighbor doesn't stop me to talk (he always talks to me about nothing, and amazingly it always takes more than 30 minutes to hear his extreme nothingness) *whew* neighbors garage doors are closed - SCORE!! we are on the home stretch.. finally, the house is in sight, leash is dropped - we are home.
the RUSH...
how can i - pick up the kitchen, dining room, and living room..... chill the beer and wine.... stop sweating.... freshen up... pick an outfit that is not too "i have not left the house today" and not too"i am ready for a night out on the town"... without looking like "i dress up to just stay in" knowing that it is a business dinner, and that my performance ends once they leave for dinner.. in TEN minutes or less??
EASY - quick checklist for unexpected company
* throw any dishes in plain sight into the dishwasher (no it doesn't matter if they are clean or not.. just do it dammit.
* wipe down counters.... swish anything on counters into trash bin.
* light all candles in sight
* turn on music of the season - i am currently listening to joss stone - push play, and check volume.
* brush dog hair off couch - quickly (no time for the tape roller.)
* change clothes - i found the best "not dressed up, not dressed down" look is jeans and either a crisp white shirt, or trendy cute black top of the season.
* make up essentials - powder, blush, mascara, lip gloss (everything else is useless at this point)
* pony tail hooker... hair up - good to go.
* BREATHE.... how much time is left? damn... like three minutes.
* if beer and wine is not chilled.. the QUICKEST way i have found to chill it, is to pack it in Ice and water... should be good within 10-15 minutes.
house is presentable, so am I. (aren't I a good new wife?)
* enter hubberz co-workers and boss.
* insert - 45 minutes of pleasant conversation, and chilled beverages.
* end with sending them off to dinner!

Finally, Jinx and I are alone to stuff our faces with french fries and leftover tacos from Islands!
Tonight was a surprise, and a success.

Day one - about me.

Today is the very first day I have EVER posted or attempted a blog ((clapping, laughter, wooo-hooo's)) I have been inspired by reading the daily trials of dooce (who consequently, does not know i exist).
I am 29, (i will be thirty in exactly one month and three days). I got married to my best friend exactly one month and eight days ago, and I am the proud mommie of a Black and White Border Collie named "Jinx" who has one blue eye and one brown eye - and more energy than you can cram into a case of Red Bull.
I grew up in the Northwest which I miss terribly, although I have been in Southern California for the past three years.. and yes, I moved for *gasp* a BOY (but that all worked out, because he is the one who I am now *gasp* married to. (It is very strange to have a husband!)
We live in Agoura Hills - which might as well be named "Pleasantville", I drive a white SUV, and am a marketing manager for a sunglass company.
I need some excitement! Which I think is why I am committed to the new challenge of writing in a blog. I am approaching 30.. THIRTY!!! and I am not sure what's next for me - so many changes lately.. this is my life.